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Curious about how the product in your online shopping cart gets to you from Amazon? Take a free tour of one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, to see how employees pick, pack, and ship customer orders around the world.
Four people wearing headphones and smiling during an Amazon fulfillment center tour.
Group of people wearing headphones and walking down an aisle during an Amazon fulfillment center tour.
If you’ve ever wanted to see inside one of Amazon’s massive fulfillment centers (FCs), here’s your chance! Amazon offers free virtual and in-person tours of FCs around the world, where our expert tour guides show visitors what it’s like to work inside the facilities. As our guest, you will see it all for yourself, learning about the innovative technology and the incredible people who make Amazon what it is today.

Register now for a virtual tour or an in-person tour (in select locations).
Robots carrying columns of packages in an Amazon fulfillment center.
Many Amazon FCs span the equivalent of 28 football fields and can hold tens of millions of items on any given day. Yes, tens of millions. The scale of the centers can be difficult to grasp, even in person, but our tours help visitors get a sense of how it all comes together.

We are proud to showcase our work as part of the Amazon Tours program, and we look forward to your visit, in person or virtually!

If you’re a member of the press and would like to visit one of our FCs, please reach out to amazon-pr@amazon.com with your request. We’ll work with you to arrange a visit.

Amazon is expanding its free in-person tours at fulfillment centers worldwide

Customers and employees can schedule a free in-person tour today.
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