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Kevin Kelly

The Silver Cord

2015, Hardcover, 464 pages
Cool Tools Lab, Pacifica
ISBN: 978-1940689012

Limited Edition
2015, Paperback, 214 pages
Silver Cord Productions, Pacifica
ISBN: 978-1466291867


Financed by the robust fans of a successful Kickstarter campaign, this huge graphic novel is the coming-of-age story of a teenage girl. Set in a unique and original world filled with both angels and robots, her story is a page-turning techno-epic that recounts the clash between self-conscious robots and a million different species of angels. While pure cinematic fantasy, the story anticipates the real issue of whether machines can have souls and will wow graphic novel fans in search of new heroes and new worlds. This spectacular, oversized, lusciously printed 464-page graphic novel combines the two worlds of high-technology and deep spirituality.


Silver Cord Characters & Universe: Kevin Kelly, Steve Masseroni
Story: Kevin Kelly, Steve Masseroni, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin, Casey McCabe
Script: Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin, Casey McCabe
Storyboards: Steve Masseroni, Kevin Kelly
Pencils and Inks: Louis Sollune, Steve Masseroni, Mike Malbrough
Colors: Joe Harris, Rafael Rivera, Steve Masseroni, Gaston Zubeldia, SETA, Tim Yates
Lettering: Thomas Kraky, Luke Easter
Production: Camille Cloutier, Claudia Lamar
Font Designs: Steve Masseroni
Character Designs: Steve Masseroni, Alex Jaeger, Gus Dizon
3D Models: Steve Masseroni (orthographic designs), Tim Naylor (3D modeling and rigging), Rick Narvarte (posing, lighting and rendering)
Covers Design: Steve Masseroni
Strategy: Rusty Rueff, Ralph Winter

Sample pages


“The Silver Cord is amazing. I am astonished and really, really impressed. I love it. And I’ve read every comic on the planet since I was a kid.” — James Altucher, Bestselling Author

“The Silver Cord is an astonishing book at every level; the story, the graphics, and the production. Kevin Kelly’s creation of a new vision of the realms of angels, humans and their intersection is truly original and even grabbed a hard core atheist like me. These are not angels like any we have known in our biblical fairy tales both in substance and form. And what they want from us forced me to appreciate my life anew. Nearly every panel is beautiful and merits focused attention. Some are spectacular including the amazing foldout. The physical production of the book is at the same level as the content. The volume is massive but feels wonderful to hold and slowly peruse. I can’t wait for volume 3.” — Peter Schwartz, Futurist

“I finished the book. Incredible, parts gave me chills. We want more!” — Kyle Coolidge

“I could feel this coming in the MAIL the last few days !!!! This morning received your book The Silver Cord just after reading an email on body magnetics, the astral, sleep and the silver cord. Love the synchronicity! I am going to take my time to read this as it is a treasure. The first few pages I’m already HOOKED. It is BRILLIANT.” — Mary Spicer

“… I received my copy a couple days ago and finished the book in one day. It’s amazing and impressive! The book is huge, much larger than I expected, and the quality is fabulous. The pages feel great to the touch and the colors beautiful. I won’t provide any spoilers but the story does not disappoint! I’m proud to have helped finance this project and I’ll be spending the word and suggest everyone I know pick up a copy of The Silver Cord!” — Lane G. Weinman

“Our Silver Cord book arrived yesterday and as I tucked my 12 year old into bed at 9:30 pm he had just started reading it. I told him he could read a little bit longer but then to please turn out the light and go to sleep. I woke up at 1:30 am. I was shocked to find my son STILL reading The Silver Cord and with a huge happy tired smile he said, “I’m almost done, Mom!” LOL This was the first time he’s ever stayed up that late….reading! The book is a work of art, amazing! Well done!” — Claudia Nonnenmacher Kornaros

“I held it in my hands and understood that your Vision created a real work of art which superseded all my expectations. I feel honored to have contributed a small bit towards its creation.” — Carly Ulrich

“Finally received my Silver Cord hardcover book! This is one of the best graphic representations of the astral plane I’ve ever seen. Every page made me stop and appreciate each illustration for a while and I just couldn’t stop reading, I HAD to see what happened in the next page. It totally got me hooked. I think we should start talking about making a Silver Cord feature film…” — Erick Gonzalez


“The Silver Cord takes the reader on a journey to another realm …”
Pavannah, LitPick, March 10, 2015