Amazon today ranked second on LinkedIn’s Top Companies list—an annual list that identifies the most sought-after places to work and grow your career in the U.S. Using data from LinkedIn’s 1 billion members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn’s Top Companies list is designed to help professionals identify the best companies to grow their careers.
Amazon also ranked first in LinkedIn’s Top Companies in Technology and Information, an inaugural, industry-specific list of the best workplaces to grow a career in tech.
"We’re able to put customers first by building outstanding, safe, innovative, inclusive and engaged teams,” said Ofori Agboka, Amazon’s vice president of People, Experience & Technology for Global Operations. “I’m thrilled that Amazon has once again ranked highly on LinkedIn’s Top Companies list—it’s an incredible honor and it’s all thanks to the thousands of employees who are inventing on behalf of the customer every single day.”
Here are four ways Amazon supported our employees in the past year:

We launched new opportunities to provide 300,000 employees with access to education and skills training programs through 2025

Woman wearing a safety vest on the floor of an Amazon fulfillment center. She's in profile, looking to her righ.
Through our Upskilling 2025 pledge, Amazon creates pathways to careers in areas that will continue growing in years to come. Our company-funded training programs, such as AWS Intelligence Initiative and Career Choice, help employees learn critical skills to move into in-demand, higher-paying technical or non-technical roles within Amazon and beyond.

We made our largest ever annual investment in U.S. hourly wages and hired 250,000 employees for the holiday season

A photo of an employee holding two Amazon Prime delivery boxes. They are standing inside an Amazon fulfillment center.
As the world’s largest job creator, Amazon invested $1.3 billion last year toward pay increases for customer fulfillment and operations employees, bringing the average pay for those roles to over $20.50 per hour (a more than 50% increase over five years).

We committed to hiring 5,000 refugees in Europe over the next three years

An Amazon employee wears a yellow safety vest and smiles in a fulfillment center.
This commitment expands on our previous pledge to hire at least 5,000 refugees in the U.S. by the end of 2024. Amazon announced our commitment during The Tent European Business Summit, which brought together dozens of companies to discuss the refugee crisis in Europe and highlight the role companies play in helping refugees successfully integrate in their new communities.

We expanded our benefits to help employees achieve personal and professional success

14 new benefits under Amazon’s FamilyFlex program aim to provide more flexibility in employees’ lives and the tools they need to manage unexpected financial- or health-related events. These benefits include free financial counseling, in-house cancer case management, and new temporary schedule adjustments for hourly frontline employees.
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