For as long as I can remember, my dad has dreamed of building his own home and retiring in a rural town in Southeast Utah. It took several years to build the team and gather the materials necessary to make it happen, but he’s now 73 and living that dream. He built a beautiful home just east of Moab, Utah with floor-to-ceiling windows and gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains. It’s exactly what he’s always wanted, but like all things, his lifestyle comes with some tradeoffs.
His home is a 45-minute drive from the nearest city, which means he has to plan trips to the grocery store and rely on Amazon deliveries to get many of his household essentials. He’s a proud man who doesn’t ask for help often, and his rural lifestyle wasn’t an issue until he came down with a bad flu over the holiday season. He needed to get a medication prescribed by his doctor, but he was too sick to make the drive to the pharmacy. He’s usually very stoic when he’s sick, so my siblings and I were worried about the severity of his illness. None of us lived close enough to deliver the medication to him, but Amazon Pharmacy could.

I hopped on a phone call with my dad to walk him through the process of signing up, then I communicated with his doctor’s office to make sure they sent the medication to Amazon Pharmacy. We even noticed that Amazon Pharmacy applied a nice discount to the medication at checkout because he's a Prime member. My dad placed the order, received the medication to his doorstep (along with a care package I sent through Amazon), and started feeling better each day after.
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It's a huge relief to know someone was there to help my dad when I couldn’t. He’s a retired physician who typically tries to manage health concerns on his own, so he hadn’t seen a doctor or gone to a pharmacy for years. Convincing him to get prescription medication is no easy feat in general, but especially when he’d have to drive for 45 minutes while he was sick. Amazon Pharmacy removed a lot of those barriers and made it so much easier for him to get the medication he needed.
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According to current health data, many men are like my dad and tend to be averse to seeking healthcare. Amazon Pharmacy’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Vin Gupta, shared data from a recent CDC survey that showed men are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year. That, combined with the challenges of getting medication, can make it tricky to get the care they need. Amazon Pharmacy is tapping its logistics network and a variety of new technologies to change that.
No matter where you live, Amazon Pharmacy makes it easy to organize your prescriptions in one spot and schedule them to be delivered when you need them—there’s no need to plan a day around the pharmacy hours.
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