Our Planet

The Climate Pledge

We believe we have an obligation to stop climate change, and reducing carbon emission to zero will have a big impact. We want to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement, and we are on a path to powering our operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025 as part of our goal to reach net-zero carbon.
View of a forest canopy from above.
  • In 2019, Amazon and Global Optimism co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to net-zero carbon by 2040. Since then, a growing list of major companies have joined The Climate Pledge. These signatories will play a critical role in stimulating investment in the development of low-carbon products and services.
  • The Climate Pledge Fund, started with $2 billion from Amazon, will invest in companies creating products, services, and technologies to protect the planet. Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund will accelerate investment in innovations for the net-zero carbon economy of the future.
  • A new program to help make it easy for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products in Amazon’s store. The Climate Pledge Friendly label signifies that the products have one or more of 23 different sustainability certifications that help preserve the natural world.

Our most sustainable devices ever

Amazon announced new ways for customers to reduce the energy consumption of their devices, as well as creating devices with more recycled materials and more sustainable packaging.
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