A map of the Amazon Puget Sound Headquarters Tour.Amazon Puget Sound Headquarters Tour map.
You can now tour Amazon’s Puget Sound headquarters campus. The new, self-guided experience shares information about the company and its history as you walk through its urban Seattle campus and landmarks.
A photo of a person's hand holding a mobile device, taking a photo of the QR code displayed on a sign for the Amazon Puget Sound HQ Tour. Scan a QR code at one of the 15 Amazon Puget Sound Campus Tour signs for information.
The tour is located in the Denny Triangle, between Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Avenues, and Lenora and Bell Streets. Here, you’ll find 15 signs with QR codes that you can scan to get information and employee perspectives on Amazon landmarks, community investments, and iconic pieces of Seattle’s history.
Tour stops offer the opportunity to dive into videos, images, and insider details about these public spaces at Amazon's Puget Sound headquarters.
A photo of Amazon Offices in SeattleA view of the Seventh Avenue and Blanchard Street intersection in Seattle.
You’ll learn how Amazon went from opening one office in Seattle in 1997 to 45 office buildings that weave architecture, public spaces, art, and nature across the Puget Sound.
One stop you won’t want to miss is the Dog Park on Sixth Avenue, between Lenora and Blanchard Streets. Here, you can unleash the fun at our centrally located playground that provides a paws-itively refreshing break for our furry coworkers to wag, play, and unwind from their office day. You can scan the QR code at the stop to learn about the legacy of Rufus, a Welsh corgi owned by one of our first principal engineers.
A photo of the dog park at Amazon Headquarters in Seattle.The Dog Park, Day 1
The Spheres are a featured destination on the self-guided tour. The space is designed around the concept of biophilia—connecting people with nature through architecture while fostering creativity and alleviating mental fatigue. The QR code at the stop will tell you all about the 40,000 plants that call The Spheres their home. Here's how you can visit the Spheres and explore the indoor gardens.
A photo of the outside of the spheres at Amazon Headquarters in Seattle.The Spheres and Playfield Walkway
The self-guided tour also includes the Playfield Walkway located just outside of the Spheres. This versatile open area hosts events, programs, and initiatives that actively contribute to and support the local community. One of its most popular features is the legendary Amazon community banana stand, which adds a flavorful touch to your exploration.
A photo of a concert that happened on the playfield at Amazon Headquarters in Seattle.Community event, Amazon Playfield
“This new tour gives both members of our community and visitors to Seattle a small taste of Amazon culture while showing them why 50,000 employees call these offices home base,” said Nick Boone-Lutz, head of tours. “Our team is proud of the work we are doing, not just inside our four walls, but with the outreach and community impact we are making across Puget Sound.”
A photo of an employee walking outside at Amazon's Seattle headquarters, with the banana stand and spheres behind them.Community banana stand, Amazon Playfield
If you won’t be visiting Seattle soon, explore the virtual Amazon Puget Sound Headquarters Tour.