Now more than ever people are exploring opportunities to pivot their careers or land a higher-paying skilled role—Amazon is committed to helping employees who want to make these types of changes.
Whether an employee has a passion for helping others and wants to start a career in health care, or is interested in learning how to code and work in a tech role, it can be difficult to know exactly how to make the transition. That’s where Amazon’s Career Choice program comes in.
Career Choice programs are designed to provide eligible employees with the skills they need to land a new job in in-demand industries, such as technology, transportation, mechanical and industrial systems, health care, or business and administration. Since 2012, over 113,000 employees have pursued certifications through Career Choice upskilling programs. Programs are carefully selected based on labor market analysis to ensure that the careers offered are in high-demand industries.
Learn more about the unique pathways that Amazon offers employees through Career Choice, and meet a few participants who have used the program to land the careers of their dreams.

Data Center Engineering Operations (DCEO) Tech—Powering the Cloud

An image of a man in safety glasses and a backwards baseball cap, who is part of the Career Choice program at Amazon.
Jose Romero, from Boardman, Oregon, had never worked in a data center. Prior to joining Amazon, he was a business owner installing metal and steel garages throughout the Pacific Northwest, and he traveled often for his job.
Romero began his career with Amazon on the Infrastructure Delivery Install team setting up server racks, and he later enrolled in the Data Center Engineering Operations (DCEO) program offered through Career Choice. Through a partnership with Blue Mountain Community College, Romero learned how to work with electrical, refrigeration, and controls equipment to keep data centers constantly running, and he was promoted into a role as a DCEO technician with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
In this new role, Romero applies the technical skills he learned through the program to ensure that the ventilation, electrical and control systems, backup generators, and cooling plants throughout data centers are operating efficiently.
“Career Choice allowed me to make AWS a career and not just a job,” Romero said. “The fun part about this role is that you get to grow and learn every day.”

Aircraft Mechanic—Soaring to new heights

An image of a man dressed in a white shirt and khaki pants, who is part of the Amazon Career Choice program.
We rely on our maintenance partners to ensure the safety of the aircrafts we use to deliver packages to Amazon customers. To support the hiring needs of our partners, we created an aircraft mechanic program where employees learn to maintain and repair airplanes and other aircraft, ensuring top-tier safety and on-time performance for businesses like Amazon Air.
Ryan Costello of Temple Terrace, Florida, was a Load Planner when he participated in the Aircraft Mechanic program through Hillsborough Community College.
“I wanted to try something that somewhat related to what I do on the ramp,” Costello said. “The program is very detailed, easy to schedule, and Amazon was able to accommodate time-off so I can attend school every Thursday night.”
The program, available through education partners such as International Aerotech Academy and Rock Valley College, helps Amazon employees transition to roles with the maintenance, repair, and overhaul operators that serve Amazon Air.

Sustainability Specialist—Protecting and preserving our planet

An image of a man working in the outdoors, who is part of the Amazon Career Choice program.
Amazon’s commitment to sustainability includes the way we develop our workforce. As part of this commitment, Career Choice partners with educational program providers such as the Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG).
Through the NRTG’s Environmental Field Technician program, Amazon employees learn the skills and gain the knowledge needed to pursue careers in natural resource management, conservation, green jobs, and environmental regulation.
Raymond Campbell graduated from the program, earning an Environmental Field Skills certificate, and now works at the Denver Zoological Foundation. He also helps teach others in the field through NRTG.
“I was really interested in conservation efforts and how to improve the environmental impact on facilities,” Campbell said. “Learning through the NRTG course has been a wonderful experience, and I’m excited to move toward a career in environmental field consultation.”

Data Analyst—Uncovering patterns for decision-making

An image of a woman dressed in a pink suit and glasses who is part of the Amazon Career Choice program.
In a world driven by data, data analysts are in increasing demand. Career Choice offers a path toward such a career for employees like Cleo Valencia of Woodland Hills, California, who moved to the United States from El Salvador. Through the program, employees learn how to work with databases and visualization software to compile, understand, and make projections that empower business decisions from data.
After moving to the U.S., Valencia dreamed of working in technology for a large company like Amazon where she began her career as a Picker preparing online orders for the first Amazon Fresh store.
After a few years of excelling in her work, she enrolled in the Data Analytics Bootcamp offered through Springboard. While in the program, Valencia was able to learn new data visualization software as well as build a portfolio to showcase her skills as she plans to apply for her dream job in data analytics at Amazon.
“The course offered so much more than I expected,” Valencia said. “We had a career coach, mentor, and a dedicated student advisor. I’ve learned how to optimize my resume. They take care of us and give us so many tools to develop our careers. Not just the technical knowledge, but also how to navigate the job market.”

Making a mark in health and safety

Career Choice provides skills-training programs where employees interested in safety and health care can obtain the skills necessary to transition into a variety of new roles. Safety in our workplaces remains the top priority for Amazon, and several Career Choice pathways lead to higher-paying safety jobs at Amazon sites.
Through Career Choice, Amazon employees can become a certified emergency medical technician (CEMT), qualifying them to apply for the on-site medical representative role to work in our on-site wellness centers and do things like help administer First Aid to any employee who may need it. Employees can also gain certifications needed for roles such as pharmacy technician and medical assistant, which are in-demand roles in businesses like Amazon Pharmacy.

Is Career Choice right for you?

These are just a few of the unique pathways that Amazon employees can pursue with Career Choice. Since the program launched over 10 years ago, more than 175,000 people worldwide have taken advantage of the program’s prepaid college tuition, career coaching, and in-demand industry certifications.
With more than 400 education partners around the world, Career Choice ensures a rigorous selection program so that partner schools also offer employees services to help them succeed, such as career coaching, resume writing, and job-placement support.
Learn more about Career Choice and how the program provides opportunities for employees to build their careers at Amazon or elsewhere. Or jumpstart your career today by applying for an open role.